Welcome to my first official post on my blog!

Many of you see the things I post on social media, or are blessed to sit in my chair while I am doing your hair, and listen to me ramble
on…lol. There are some pretty inspiring and funny conversations that happen. As you all, know I am very passionate about what I do,
about how my clients feel inside and out, and about becoming healthier all around. Contrary to what most people think, change is GOOD!

So here I am, making another change…..

My background:
I am a wife to a wonderful man who is anything but boring, to say he LOVES change would be putting it mildly. So that is where our story

We have a beautiful daughter in college a little school you may have heard of …..WE ARE…. PENN STATE!!…. Sorry can’t help myself.
She also likes a bit of movement in her world.. Activities, jobs… hair colors…. don’t know where she gets that from.

I went to beauty school and worked in a few salons, was on a design team for a product company called Nexxus working hair shows in Pa. and Fla

I then decided to open my own shop for 15 years. A wonderful growth experience, allowing me to be there for my daughter growing up, pick
and choose products to use and people with which to work. During that time I discovered a great new product line and way of taking care of curly hair… Deva Curl. Since then my life hasn’t been the same. So off to NYC…. I went and learned about the Deva cutting technique as well as how to use their modest line of products at the time…. I eventually got involved in education for the company that teaches stylists how to use the products. After that, I assembled my own in-house staff of professionals that could cut curls and make many people very happy for the first time in their curly lives. For 10 years we met and worked with so many incredible ladies, and a few gentlemen, from all walks of life, curly hair knows no bounds….

Over the years the Deva Curl company has grown and I remained loyal because I do appreciate that there are many amazing products out there now thanks to Lorraine Massey the founder
of Deva Curl.

In October of 2017, just before my 50th Birthday, I decided to hang up my owner hat and concentrate on my favorite part of the industry… my clients and their hair!

I now work at Lawrence Roth Salon with a fabulous group of people, who are also all learning about curly hair… you should have seen their
faces the first time I had one of my clients do the Deva flip !! …. Lots of curiosity and questions.

So for The Next Chapter, I am taking my show on the road so the speak, the information superhighway… I am excited to be able to share all the things I know and love with an even larger audience. Most of my posts and articles will mostly be hair-related, but some will be funny, thought-provoking, funky, and hopefully, interesting to you. I look forward to your feedback.

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