There are some things I love very much about my life and one of those things is being a hairstylist. Bringing joy to, and educating, my clients, as well as having the ability to express my creativity every day. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an old dog but…I’m 50.  And up until recently, I thought there were things that were “just me”, as in not changeable…

So, on the cusp of that momentous birthday back in October, I decided to travel down some new pathways. Some of the “new” things I have tried in the last year have been: focusing on inspirational videos on YouTube (such as this from Marie Forleo ),  regular journaling, meditating, Keto eating and writing a blog.  While I do believe it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks, I believe it is much more important to change the way the dog thinks….

And, while aging can make core thinking harder to change, it is absolutely worth the try. Your world simply seems full and brighter, you really feel like you can conquer the world.

You see, I have been a Deva Curl specialist for 10 years now. I love the techniques and products and have used them exclusively. Since the curl community has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years and taken social media by storm, there are so many products to try and that my clients are trying and asking me about. I’m looking forward to testing out many of these new products to weigh in and let my curlies know which ones I like. If you have any favorites please comment below. Websites like,, and Instagram, with their tons of hashtags devoted to #curls and #curlygirls, simply point to the fact that the possibilities are endless for sharing stories the good and the bad, education and inspiration.

So, as a blogger, when I was presented with an opportunity to learn “Curlisto Cutting Technique” and try some of the product line, I jumped at the chance.  Until a short time ago,  I hadn’t really heard of the line, even though this line has been out for several years. (A little bit of old- dog thinking).Curlisto is a world-renowned stylist with a salon on Fifth Ave. NYC opened in 2002. He works on many high profile clients and celebrities such as Kelly Preston, Debra Messing, and Marsha Gay Harden. To find out more about Curlisto here…



So here are my thoughts about the technique. If you know anything about Deva Curl you know it is about cutting the curls dry and in their natural state and from where they live. It is a precision cut that enables the client to wear their hair in its naturally curly state very easily and beautifully.

CUTTING: The Curlisto method is based upon cutting the hair wet and debulking the hair from the interior. I see the benefits of this method when clients wear their hair straight and curly very often.

STYLING: The method they use to apply product I liked very much. I used it on a few clients during the week after the class and I achieved nice results. Especially not having to flip the client upside down to apply the products. Flipping upside down is not always feasible for all clients! Curlisto also does a very cool plopping method with the diffuser that, I have to admit, adds a ton of great bounce to the curls.

PRODUCTS: The products we received as a sample with the class, I liked very much. Nice texture, they have you use quite a bit in the client’s hair, but it did not feel weighted down or gunky. There are a couple of finishing products that helped with fly-aways; I am going to be trying these on myself since it is that time of the week when I wash my own hair…. I am a once a week washer.

The Staff we worked with from Curlisto were very informative and fun, with so much great information and experience.

So, my overall takeaway is that it is a professional and effective curly line, though it is rather pricey, especially considering how much product they recommend you use it the hair.  The method is not damaging or harmful to curly hair but I still believe strongly in dry cutting. I am willing to try a mixture of both techniques for certain clients. The key to that will be truly detailed consultation with each client based on their individual needs and hair characteristics. If you would like to know more about how you can experience a great consultation and the outstanding hair results that will occur, see my post .

So this sort of “old dog”…. most definitely learned a few new tricks and curlz. 🙂

Watch for future posts testing out other product lines. Give me a shout out for any specific products you would like me to test.

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